Dental Clean SonicToothbrush and Oral Irrigator CH-08

four brushing tips for normal clean, daily clean, and sensitive clean
Three modes of brushing: clean, sensitive, and massage
Complete removal of dental plaque
Equipped with a smart timer for automatic shutdown
timer reminder for brushing area replacement by 30-second pause
Equipped with a strong toothbrush with a power of 31,000 beats/min
Equipped with a cover for brushes and water glass
Wireless charging of brushes and water flosser
Equipped with a battery status light
water flosser with an LCD (water pressure, battery status & engine speed)
Containing four water flossing tips for teeth, tongue, and braces
3 modes of water pressure adjustment (normal, soft & pulse)
Equipped with 360-degree rotatable water flossing tips
Equipped with a flossing water tank of 200 ml